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meghan up as rte. and that does it for now i'm your id that. new new new new guru and. all the while maintaining his clients wednesday the fourth and can think of the action and to camp at the gym and protesters in thailand are taking a break from the campaign to bring down prime minister will actually a lot but that one gilbert and it couldn't back out of respect for the country to tears came to celebrate his birthday on thursday. the g
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twenty is trying a different take on tuesday in an effort to calm it down the street is a ten program that turns into the compound of the prime minister's office. i like eating at least eighteen tyrant and his people today i am very proud. even though this is just the beginning this is a victory to improve the daily news. the country who to call it. he has responded to the utility's conciliatory. the seatbelts airbags. the demonstrations on wednesday the afternoon sleeping using to stage their families. they're promising to keep quiet and their state league team couple minded headaches celebrates his eighty sixth birthday the protest leader and former deputy prime ministers who tend to save time and as demonstrators will be back at it on friday well my daughter
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at a prime minister you. as you know resigned yet. our work is finished include a ten mile run ten last month when the prime minister tried to pass an amnesty bill proponents of them it is an attempt to allow her brother former prime minister taxation want to attend to the country. he's been found guilty of corruption and leads into . foreign diplomats until kaylee so and in washington are analyzing the poets of the major political shake out in north korea south korean intelligence officials say an uncle and mentor of retaking john on the name can be dismissed from his house. but it needed to get the chance on target may have been dismissed. it has its being executed. in south korea have been covering this teresa's national intelligence to visit the show's presenter to
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point to a parliamentary committee. if they should suspect as content may not be involved in a power struggle among tommy this canadian and they say he may have been farmland is considerably this year. a review of authorities had publicly executed two of his ainsley last month he said the pair had been suspected of corruption jenny held key positions in north korea. most notably the vice chairmanship of the powerful national defense commission is an antique injury. she's the sister of late vedic in jiangxi oh the father of john on the couple is considered supporters of the younger can it is time now for the latest in and is this news as the once famous for powering the american auto industry is now in progress the mayor of detroit says the city's finances are out of his control. i had to turn just now from the businesses that we've heard from him earlier this year to get this is the chance to strike after we heard from a night this summer when he filed for bankruptcy protection. and we're now learning that it has been granted and a us
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federal judge has declared that detroit is eligible for bankruptcy protection and it's now the largest city in the u s history to go bankrupt. the judge ruled on tuesday that the city is able to provide services and pay its bills. the ruling paves the way for detroit to have a fresh start under court supervision. the child in july filed for bankruptcy protection from creditors with debts of eighteen billion dollars. city leaders say they'll drop a corp back rehabilitation plan by the end of this month they're expected to negotiate with creditors to cut loan repayments and medical spending for a retired city workers. and time for check on them i think the us stock prices continue to fall on tuesday investors worried about weak consumer spending the holiday shopping season gets underway the dow jones industrial average lost zero point five nine percent. annie at fifteen thousand nine hundred and fourteen. that's
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the third straight sessions of declines of more in japanese stocks that could be really at the tokyo stock exchange. you mean overnight market developments not positive how investors in japan reacting to this morning hike in prices of fuel is selling shares after those losses on wall street and lsd at the opening levels will miss the december for it the nikkei is down one point two eight percent at fifteen thousand five hundred and forty eight points. ask him any team to oklahoma with my kids in the asia pacific region on tuesday and also closing and in new hyde park two thousand and sixteen and a brother topics as new owner by zero point seven seven percent when the bbc in a towel and us auto sales in november a good number all vehicles sold in peace compact gdp this year has partly due to aggressive discounts given by auto companies and on the banks of the us economic recovery and
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this result is that the market estimates. so then maybe some focus on japanese automakers to be especially to your back and it was estimated to sell more vehicles in the u s and we may also want to forward the chance of fast and he carried the operator of tendulkar eighteen unique low it reported strong sales in november after the market close yesterday the shoes only to the florida company after a steamy spa week monday still with the assistance that all this is the inherent in all this i mean i see that the dollar has actually weekend against the yen from one of three yesterday to one or two now the big move is an unusual ahead of key us economic reports due later. i was the dollar yen dollar is currently at one hundred and two point one three two four five compared to the one hundred and two wherever we saw on tuesday. and that's because there's quite a bit of profit taking in and
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dollars research shop and i was eighteen again especially with those all the nonsense in the u s stock market. but motoring during the training i was hitting hope you've read the rather lame on the cake as my gift me as me want to get more tricky direction from the upcoming be bought on friday that peter was qt sticky job the ethanol than that you'll call on track. itv are also reading what effects they should believe what one called us to the dentist to find out the help of the us economy and your yarn is now at one hundred and thirty nine point one four two one nine the profit taking in the euro against the yen bow so the bistro meg is me get this easter may see some selling pressure on japanese export this city. t i tried doing things a lot for that update. officials from japanese firms hitachi and us manufacturer johnson controls are set to join forces. they plan to establish the world's largest air conditioning firm for businesses next year. he
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got to plan says will spin off its air conditioning business and johnson controls will obtain a sixty percent stake in the joint venture school will use our goal is to establish the world's leading air conditioning system for cars. by combining technology is home detention and chills and controls the dude's president says his firm's energy saving technology along with the us company's global sales network is a ninety lb partnership. japan's banking now boasts the strongest sales in air conditioning systems can be in cash the market. an upgraded to business on the wii with the tech market. it is. it is
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when sliced present job i was trying to keep the dispute any c a share from getting awards. he held a meeting in tokyo with prime minister seems ill on the way he shared ideas on how to deal with china's newly declared air defense identification zone. i knew it we confirm that japan and the united states will not tolerate china's attempt to unilaterally change the status quo. we also agreed that our countries will continue to work closely together to deal with the matter based on the strong japan us alliance the united states has an interest and lauren lauren intentions this vital region as i believe all the countries in north east asian share that same interest with us. this
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underscores the need for crisis management mechanisms an effective channels of communication between china and japan to reduce the risk of escalation. i'll be raising these concerns with great specificity directly when i meet with chinese leadership. my stress and aiden is on the six day asian tour that will take him from tokyo to beijing and then on to see all the trip was planned before chinese authorities announced last month. aides said that the air defense identification sound. they can all foreign aircraft must give prior notice it before entering the area. he warned the mean scores if planes don't impede their instructions. the zoning is a group of islands that japan controls and china and taiwan claim. japanese leaders have been urging china to withdraw its declaration. china's foreign ministry spokesperson said his country is not the one escalating regional
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tensions he said some countries keep playing on the issue for selfish gain conway said the air defense town was established to defend china's territorial and airspace security. if it's meant to safeguard flight order and security india and us vice president biden said that china and it is unacceptable he said chris and i tend to change the status quo while tom offered a rebuttal to u s criticism age of consent for the relationship between the two countries. china and the large storage depot in mutual trust. we should manage our differences and to some of its new progress in our relations. china hopes to equip us to build a new mall for major contracts. he stressed that china wants to avoid seen this kid is an issue and their relations from wheat the year last international human rights groups and as the last five presidents into press chinese leaders to release the wind for nobel peace laureate and
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you shall go from house to ma's killed by minimizing china on wednesday as we've been reporting he's expected to meet the chinese president and other leaders in asia you shall was placed under house amassed in shortly after her husband won the peace prize in two thousand ten. supporters say she has a heart ailment. they say she's mentally fatigued because of the prolonged home detention. she has little or no contact with others. what i say she wants to receive expert medical care and exchanged letters with her husband. they're putting on the issue as to class with the authorities on tuesday human rights watch and other groups also excited to meet the case for her imprisoned husband. you shall go easy on pro democracy activist and unfair he said the annie eleven year prison term and is seeking a re trial members of the japanese
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government panel had outlined a new recommendations to control the beach and build up of radioactive water at the suspicion that dai ichi nuclear plants. prime minister seems ill and an ounce of fat and that his administration will spend nearly five hundred million dollars to deal with the problem that the data facility. some of the funds would go to a concert in what's being called an ice wall around reactive buildings to prevent groundwater from seeping in town then they said calling for the upgraded kitchen and i seek to quickly set up by the back of nations. these would involve building large storage tanks with double outer walls along with using concrete to seal cracks and holes in kayaks. adam anderson had planned to keep the ground to prevent rain water from seeping in and becoming contaminated will be and think it is sad to put off a discussion on another plan to build a secondary wall around the closed eye small. chinese star power
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rankings their asian rivals japanese teams are also doing better in school fifteen year old students ranked higher in an international academic assessments. and for economic cooperation and development's your oecd in any way to reading and applying skills in math and science at the three years. here is easton on tuesday released its two thousand and twelve assessments of the five hundred and ten thousand students from sixty five countries and territories japanese institute that and all three areas compared to two thousand and nine. agency has dominated the top ranking believe this is a teams from shanghai came first in all categories as they did in two thousand i con con place second in reading and science and third in math. spread on academic testing has this to say the students teenagers seem to have a strong belief that with mosley took place in a high ranking university
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which in turn leads to a stable future. this is because as stated in developed countries tend to be less motivated to study he says the japanese government needs to come up with ways to foster an interest in learning. i knew i. a demon that are breaking with tradition are finding jobs in workplaces traditionally dominated by men but challenges remain even for women who are skilled acceptance in the workplace may be some time coming. any scale a skill called to reports. cute and active national women's top training institute in union county. learn how to assemble and twenty parts the government is promoting women and the manufacturing industry. it's the sector economics project will grow around nine thousand schools like this across india. more
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and more women are not keen on their doors. they want the job qualifications can drink i'm not into anything i want an independent anonymous. we ve got to college station beat down by one pc. sunny warm and find opportunities to foreign firms. they're considered less gender conscious intent companies the family line are all in the rain. they cannot fire of love. ah for their profession. this japanese motorbike maker provides training to reach the new workers. provincial government commissioned the company established to program last year. the menu and enthusiastically techniques if the choir higher level skills over
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three years. they have a chance to become bigger and police. delays in toronto women are often good with details so they are well suited to assemble and test components. such efforts implement greater freedom to dream and that means he has and how that will match while the number of women with education and skills is rising. many people still believe a women's place is in her home. the rolls turkey so he enrolled in a focus on training course to get off work on top. this in new delhi with her parents and two brothers. when i offer you some killer on his monthly income one hundred
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pretty colors. the family family kits by. joshi want a job so she can contribute to the household budget. and her brothers schooling the situation is not easy he often meets with friends to stop job information they're also looking for permanent appointment. many physicians are temporary. it was nine. i even got chance to expand its place your day it was a new home and come check on your mind. always ensure she wants a stable income is to see how some training. she wanted to attend medical school. don't they. i want to be a content especially high tension judy's mother supports current orders ambition. she herself had no choice but to become a housewife. indeed it
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was inside the one juicy tidbit i couldn't of my generation i please have it tonight. also on the client the issue and it depends on your climate conditions and apply to the casino. don't just so happened to outline the case in a given that the guide on a landline the society is at the crossroads. the economy expanding menu opened the doors to women with enthusiasm may bring the country. i'm not that the mention of growth. you've got to sit down and his hero and i knew no english eighteen teams and it seems the distance may seem an unlikely match here in japan it's proving to be a winning combination. elderly enjoy getting into t mean i get the offense and scoring points when it comes to
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health. elderly people getting doing so is the workout. do you believe the gop. and. in trade since you to texas to use movements every tuesday and the enemy the bamboo groves. here's reach their goal the game still grates with that. it was due to recent homes use this team. he was eighth in video games. i interrupt exercising in twenty ten zero
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the game creator. he lead to months of research is computer graphics design excuse to university. get the video games have an addictive element to it we can effectively incorporate that into the exercises totally people can stop the duties of a physical workouts they might otherwise avoid. the game records each clears results in the cart and the signs are ranked based on the number of times the player completed in two sucks. it was. according to multiple studies. when seniors use the game the duke won two percent more exercises four countries have already inquired about this game. watson who was working with the university and the netherlands to help other version. the success has prompted companies in
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the dual industry to develop seal strategies that are good he'll do. an arcade game he cared about this new physical therapy team for seniors it's a variation of the wet cool the game is designed to strengthen clearest core muscles and prevent dementia including requests. the game automatically adjusts the piece to match clears the two weeks. we were so players. the promised amount to slowly let it get them faster. the speedo. everyone gets an excellent read many cultures have three games available for sale. went straight to smuggle his pretend phone. seniors day care center offers all these games. it's run by a major
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game. the he'll do you really get into the spirit. that's a good score. lol i'm disappointed so i try hard to beat again. university hospital and two he had found that when people play these games. more blood flows to the brain. the experts see the games will help prevent dementia. the also and their product is better than conventional exercise machines for them to the muscles. the game companies hoped the research findings will help them reach more customers. that out but i doubt whether people in eastern areas of malaysia are dealing with torrential rain meteorologist at the mighty deeds as elitists. that's protecting it. the move to heath and i we usually feel on a heavy rain causing flooding across the eastern
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parts of the them only when a thought that it was rainy for me now will tend to show you the dentist take a look at this pictures. over five thousand people were evacuated from once on the second from only see a torrential downpour is he the area for two consecutive days. the bloggers that merged in rows of the act was an accountant. the situation could get worse isn't one of rainfall is expected to present an east coast will continue to suffer from flooding rains. throughout the day and in fact over six hundred millimeters of rain has fallen in at the turn of the client on indecent are somalis athens monday the looks i get this heavy rain maker will continue to pitch to the north west a condition to congratulate the team at its peak go into tomorrow said that the lease good news. albert torrens it in here we have another system just located east of israel and that continuously spending a lot of moisture tissue were in ca and parts of the staff in india and the swan could become a tropical tropical sky klein
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an oh so it'll continue to stay here somewhat heavy rain is likely that could certainly embrace the potential for flooding and landslides that we cope with keeping posted on the storm's progress. that would force the north its own laws. no cover over most of the china had yet to conduct founded in six months when talking about air pollution the air popper quality index could reach the highest in gansu province today unfortunately this list and will continue to stay here that means that it's windy conditions continued to milk the cream cone next in line to make federal case. that concept i only have a stem on and off showers continuing into the new hours and then took a week of reading and found that brain is likely for the pacific coast action only the team trying to muster the country. investors are going to be wanting to get the team because it's been warmer than at this point again in beijing will decrease with time on wednesday. and across the america that ache major storm is still tweaking it causing a lot of heavy snow
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showers for parts of the canon of the northern europe the us and the central rockies. about ten to twenty centimeters of snow is likely for a windy area and he still is going to be fun day and on carry on and that colorado with up to fifty centimeters my weekend to the next forty eight hours and snow is combined with the really kept the conditions at that because white out conditions and the dangers the wind chill values but another thing i want to mention it's like bringing colder temperatures. we did with the best minus twenty two that's your high on your friday and snow is likely in chicago on friday though when station the night and ended minds of the crease tumbled wednesday and thursday the day with temperatures could increase the risk of hypothermia. i have to go under cover your skin to the point it was mine and finally across the europe are looking fine drying in the center back breath and windy snow showers with the noise and the city a wet and naked to this town to define the weakening of that
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unstable conditions book including the eastern part of the mediterranean countries and ten pictures there so i'm going to be in and week eric and four. i know who. as a
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business and design. i see him. expert
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